Donate to support New Yorkers in need

You can donate directly to mutual aid groups working right now to provide direct emergency and financial assistance to New Yorkers in need. 

Groups requesting donations are not actively vetted by Mutual Aid NYC. We go with trust. Because of this, consider the following before making your donation:

  • How are the funds being used by the mutual aid group?
    (For example: emergency medical support, living expenses)
  • How do community members get the resources they need from the mutual aid group?
  • What community outreach is being done by the mutual aid group?
  • What is the process for tracking collected and distributed funds?

Groups to support

Click on a group name to see more info.

About the organizations and funds listed  

Mutual Aid NYC centers communities and workers most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. That means getting money to organizations who know how to use the funds best.

We do not actively vet the organizations and funds listed above, though some may have been previously vetted. Others have institutional backing through an established community organization, business, or non-profit. 

Some of the organizations and funds are 501(c)3 organizations and some are not. We recognize that not all communities in need have the resources to create non-profit organizations, and that the work of these organizations is still valuable.

We are doing this work in the spirit of mutual aid and collective trust. This is an evolving process, with challenges along the way.

Request funding

If you’re a group providing emergency relief and need donations, please register your group, then submit a donation request. (If you have already registered, you can submit a donation request.)

Make sure to include a link to your group’s website, Venmo, or other way to donate. We consider all requests for donations regardless of your group’s tax status.