At Mutual Aid NYC, we believe that no one is disposable. We ground our work in transformative justice practices.

Our Accountability Pledge

We commit to being accountable for the impact of our actions while assuming good intent. We recognize that at times we will fall short and ask our community to support us by holding us accountable.

How we maintain our commitment to accountability

MANYC’s Accountability Team maintains a standing bi-weekly meeting for the ongoing coordination of Accountability work.  In these meetings we:

  • Deliberate about emerging conflicts and problematic dynamics, including:
    • Interpersonal / inter-team — within Mutual Aid NYC’s community
    • Between Mutual Aid NYC and external groups
    • Systemic — recognizing the roots of long-term harm & intersecting oppression within our communities
  • Hold space for shared learning on how to practice mutual aid with accountability 
    • Make Mutual Aid NYC processes and collected knowledges public learnings to connect resources, tools, skills for our communities for free
  • Track ongoing Accountability Processes when they arise
  • Inform and advise and bring proposals to the broader MANYC network

We are not a decision-making body for the entire MANYC network, nor are we available to mediate other groups conflicts.

Any questions, requests or concerns can be directed to our team email:

To learn more about transformative justice, please visit NYC TJ Hub, a Black-led abolitionist group whose models we look to for guidance.

If you participate in your mutual aid group’s Accountability Team, please drop us a note at — we’d love to hear more about what you’re learning from your process.