I can help

We can all do a lot for our communities during this crisis. Here are a few ways you can help right now:

1. Sign up to volunteer.

Volunteer with MANYC and we’ll connect you with teams that can use your skills and energy.

Our work for Partners & all of NYC includes:
– Build out a citywide Community Resources Library
– Info & emotional support via our Hotline
– Housing support and food logistics
– Build relations among mutual aid groups
– Outreach & social media
– Language & access support
– Build & support technology
– Create/manage projects
– Skillsharing & volunteer coordination

Check where mutual aid is already happening in your community. Reach out directly to get involved.

Our mutual aid Partners’ work for people includes:
– Source and deliver food
– Coordinate vaccination appointments
– Wellness checks & emotional support
– Connect people with child & elder care
– Language translation services
– Provide transportation & errands
– Supply clothing & personal needs
– Help navigating government sites
– Offer some financial aid

Got questions about how to match your hours and interests to mutual aid work?

2. Donate to mutual aid groups.

Donate directly to mutual aid groups working right now to provide direct emergency and financial assistance to New Yorkers.

3. Add to our list of available resources.

Add to Mutual Aid NYC’s resource library. New Yorkers can search this list based on specific needs.