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Mutual AID NYC has immediate need to fill these roles.

We also welcome your energy, skills, and lived experience if you are interested in offering general help.

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Hotline Team

A little about us: The Mutual Aid NYC Hotline provides telephone-based access to all the resources and services available through the Mutual Aid NYC website, via live volunteers providing language accessibility, TTY accessibility, offline accessibility, call-back responses to requests for support, and breaking isolation through direct person-to-person communication.

Hotline Volunteers

We are so excited to be growing our team and hope you will join one of our upcoming Hotline trainings. Our multilingual Hotline phone system helps connect people in NYC to vital information and resources to support people’s increasing needs as the pandemic wears on.

We are working to build our Hotline Phone Volunteers team and are looking for people to commit to a regular phone volunteer slot, for a 3 hour shift one day per week.  We are looking for phone volunteers to help cover our 2-5 pm (EST) shifts OR our 5-8 pm (EST) shifts Monday through Friday.

If you or someone you know is fluent in a language other than English please join us! Many important materials aren’t translated, which cuts off access to vital, life-saving information to our immigrant communities. We also need more English speakers, too!

Please feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested in joining the hotline team.

External Communications Coordinator

We are hoping to add to the team an External Communications Coordinator who will promote the MANYC Hotline through MANYC’s online and potentially, offline channels. Potential tasks include:

  • Keeping abreast of the types of calls coming in, types of resources being requested, success stories
  • Working with Visual Media team/other design folks to create flyers / social media / newsletter posts as required
  • Working with Language Access to get the materials translated
  • Working with the Social Media/Newsletter team to get the posts out
  • Working with partnerships/other MANYC teams to get the word out to Mutual Aid Groups in our network

Knowledge of AirTable and Google Docs is preferred. Knowledge of Canva or other design programs is an added bonus! 

Hotline Volunteer Operations Coordinators

Volunteers needed to help manage MANYC’s Hotline volunteer operations. Ideally, they are comfortable welcoming and leading trainings for new Hotline volunteers. They launch shifts with Zoom check-ins with volunteers. They help manage the shift and meeting schedules via email, text, Slack, and Airtable.  (We will train you on any platforms that you are not familiar with!) They support Shift Coordinators by helping answer volunteers’ operational questions about responding to callers’ needs and using our phone system. And they offer ongoing engagement and community support through regular contact with our pool of active Hotline volunteers via our Google Groups.

Full role description

Hotline Volunteer Training and Onboarding Coordinators

Volunteers needed to manage on-boarding and ongoing training offerings for members of MANYC’s Hotline team. Ideally they are comfortable orienting new folks to the work of answering the Hotline and making calls to New Yorkers who have requested support from MANYC. They will coordinate ongoing training opportunities for Hotline volunteers on resources research, crisis response, accessibility, anti-racism, language support, food support, housing support, and helping folks outside the digital divide. They will also communicate to the rest of MANYC, and other mutual aid groups, with updates on the Hotline and about upcoming trainings. (We will train volunteers for this role!)

Full role description

Partnerships Team

The Partnerships Team supports relationships among established mutual-aid and community groups around the city, and helps new groups get set up and connected with each other.

Relationship Coordinator

The Partnerships Team is looking for new Relationship Coordinators based in or with connections to Lower Manhattan, East Brooklyn, and Queens! We are particularly interested in volunteers who are already connected to their local mutual aid groups. As a Relationship Coordinator, you will: establish relationships with new and existing mutual aid or neighborhood groups across NYC, and help them access the tools to grow their group. This includes sharing best practices, connecting groups to existing resources, and connecting groups to each other! You will work in a pod of other partnership volunteers working in your geographic area to share information and coordinate your work.  

This position is great for a current organizer or someone who wants to get more connected. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the huge variety of work that is happening all over the City! We’re looking for reliable, relationship-oriented people who are good communicators and trust-builders. The time commitment for this role is 2-5 hours a week. Join us in building solidarity across NYC! 

Partnership Record Keeper

Volunteer needed for record-keeping of the MANYC Partnerships team! This team is responsible for maintaining relationships with mutual aid groups across New York and helping groups get connected to MANYC resources and each other. The Record Keeper facilitates the creation and organization of the team’s records, with the goal of supporting a shared understanding and memory of the work and workflows within the team, and between the team and the wider MANYC community. This includes taking notes in meetings, writing how-tos, updating documentation, and communicating updates to the wider MANYC community. It requires roughly 2-4 hours per week.

Groups Researchers

Volunteers needed for researching groups as part of the emerging Groups Directory team! This team is responsible for keeping an up-to-date and comprehensive library of mutual aid groups and organizations across the city, in order to ensure that all MANYC members and New Yorkers can access up-to-date information on which groups serve their communities. Groups Researchers will work collaboratively to keep our groups directory up-to-date, which includes both finding/capturing information about new mutual aid groups, and ensuring our existing mutual aid groups have updated information. This role requires working with relationship coordinators in the Partnerships team and doing online research to help gather information about groups partnering with MANYC. It requires roughly 1-2 hours per week.Thursday, February 18th

Volunteer Coordination Team

Volunteer Coordination works to ensure that incoming volunteers are oriented to mutual aid work and connected with the teams where they will find the best fit for their passions and experiences.

Volunteer Database Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordination team is looking for an individual to support the intake and coordination of bringing volunteers into MANYC teams. We have a large database of volunteers, and need someone who can come up with a system for matching volunteers with needs, organizing the database, and streamlining a process for sorting and reaching out to a large number of individuals about volunteer opportunities within different MANYC teams. This database currently exists in Airtable. If you have experience working between teams and coordinating, or database management, that’s a plus. Main tasks will include sorting data, working with others on editing copy of email text, and creating a mail-merge system to send invites to potential volunteers. The time commitment for this role is approximately 2-4 hours per week. Knowledge of Airtable preferred.

Food for All Team

Food for All coordinates with projects all over New York City that support directing resources and knowledge-sharing to people experiencing food insecurity.

Food for All Team Coordinator

The Food team is looking for a Food for All Team Coordinator. Could that be you? We’re looking for someone with skills in organization and documentation, problem-solving, newsletter writing, networking skills or a drive to connect individuals and information, and some knowledge of or experience with current food systems in NYC.

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team’s mission is to amplify the work, voices and communities of New York City’s mutual aid networks.

Social Media Strategists

MANYC’s Social Media Team is looking for volunteers to join our team of social media-savvy individuals. Volunteers coordinate strategy and create social media content and interact with and help amplify resources, calls to action, and needs from NYC-based individuals, groups, and organizations on MANYC’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels.

Commitment: A 1-hour team meeting once a week, and minimum one social media shift (four hours “on duty”) per week. 

BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folx encouraged to apply. 

Resources Team

We create and maintain a master-dataset of community resources across the city that all can access easily through our website, via our hotline, and through any other services that we may build. Our resource library and groups directory is the most comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality resource library and groups directory available in the city.

Resources Researcher

We are looking for folks interested in building out the offerings in our Resources Library. Responsibilities include researching and assessing possible local and national resources, organizations, and agencies directed toward assisting New Yorkers. We currently offer a variety of resources, tools, and materials — from childcare to legal assistance to guidance for social services. No special skills required other than enthusiasm and appreciation for good data entry and a nose for finding impactful resources! Bonus, if you have some knowledge of NYC agencies and care groups.

Internal Comms Team

Internal Communications serves as the nervous system of MANYC. We make sure that everyone has the tools to work together and share what they need; in other words, we help people help people.

Internal Communications Coordinators

Working behind the scenes, our coordinators develop and adapt processes and systems to make collaboration and communication easy and accessible. We use collaboration tools like Slack, Notion, and email listservs to unify our work across MANYC — don’t worry, technical expertise is not required. If you enjoy learning and implementing digital tools, solving problems, and supporting others, we want to work with you! We are flexible with your schedule and would love about 3-4 hours of your time per week.

Funding Team

The Funding Team works to develop funding solutions for MANYC, including grants and other types of institutional investment.

Alternative Funding Facilitator

The Funding Team is looking for someone with expertise in alternative funding like crowdsourcing. The team is a developing team, so we are looking for a self-starter who has interest in coordinate and manage funding projects.

Tech Team

Our developers and project coordinators create and support the platforms and systems that support New Yorkers in need, empower our volunteers, and tie together mutual aid organizations all over NYC.

Back-end Developers

Mutual Aid NYC is continuing to build out our dev environment and upgrade the phone system for our Hotline, enabling volunteers to answer calls from people in need in 12 languages.

We are also building out the ambitious open-source next generation of our current Resources Library, with a road map that includes multi-lingual NLP-powered search, user identity/privacy management and the goal of sharing the platform with other cities and communities around the world.

We are looking for seasoned developers comfortable working with web technologies who can regularly spare a few hours each week to work with us. Our stack includes Python and JavaScript as well as integrations with Twilio, Airtable, and WordPress, but no prior experience with these tools is required.

Project Coordinators

Project coordinators help internal and external partners scope and plan the work done by our volunteer developers.

They help gather requirements, sometimes from multiple collaborating teams, on the human needs surrounding a tech project, and they work with developers to plan and prioritize tasks and ensure that the work and the end product are in keeping with Mutual Aid NYC’s principles of accessibility, security, and transparency.

General help:

Mutual Aid NYC welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets.

These teams have no specific roles in need of people at the moment, but we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets, and will contact you as soon as we have capacity to respond:

Language Access Team

Organizer Library / Poli Ed Team

Visual Media Team

Housing Team

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If you want to volunteer for your local mutual aid group, find it in the MANYC Groups Directory, and reach out directly!

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