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Mutual AID NYC has immediate need to fill these roles.

We also welcome your energy, skills, and lived experience if you are interested in offering general help.

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Volunteer Coordination Team

Volunteer Coordination works to ensure that incoming volunteers are oriented to mutual aid work and connected with the teams where they will find the best fit for their passions and experiences.

Volunteer Coordinators

MANYC volunteers come from all backgrounds, with a host of skills and lived experiences that give our network its diversity and strength. As new volunteers join us, the Volunteer Coordination team helps them find their way to the work that means the most to them and fits best with their lives and capacity.

Volunteer Coordinators talk with new volunteers, orient them to our principles and workspaces, and match their passions to our mission. They work closely with MANYC team coordinators to define, list, and fill volunteer roles. And they help shape volunteer-coordination practices and tools that support building capacity for all the mutual aid organizations in our network.

Coordinators work at their own pace – anywhere from 2-6 hours per week (including a weekly team call) – greeting people, meeting them where they are, and connecting them to our teams, people, and projects.

Volunteer Database Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordination team is looking for an individual to support the intake and coordination of bringing volunteers into MANYC teams. We have a large list of volunteers in spreadsheet form, and we need someone who can come up with a system for matching volunteers with needs, organizing the list, and streamline a process for sorting and reaching out to a large number of individuals about volunteer opportunities within different MANYC teams. This list currently exists in Airtable. If you have experience working between teams and coordinating, or database management, that’s a plus. Main tasks will include sorting data, working with others on editing copy of email text, and creating a mail-merge system to send invites to potential volunteers. The time commitment for this role is approximately 2-4 hours per week. Knowledge of Airtable preferred.

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team’s mission is to amplify the work, voices and communities of New York City’s mutual aid networks.

Resources Researcher

We are looking for people with a knack for uncovering buried treasure on the internet. As a Resources Researcher you will scour the web and social media channels for active resources and upcoming events within the five boroughs – timely information critical for the support of clothing, food, healthcare and housing programs across the MANYC network.

This role requires a commitment of 4-5 hours a week to perform the research, distribute your findings and attend weekly Social Media and Resources Team meetings. You will work hand-in-hand with Channel Managers to make these new resources available to our community ASAP. Tech tools for sharing the information will include: a shared team doc listing events in chronological order, submitting listings for our resource library, targeted and organization-wide messages on Slack, and adding items to the weekly/monthly posting schedule.

Channel Manager

Every social media channel is unique and takes a special individual to navigate its algorithm. Channel Managers will be responsible for engaging with our community via socials. They will post or schedule posts to their specific channel daily, respond to community members engaging with their posts, host live question nights, and work with the entire team to source content. This is not a content creating position beyond a few videos, but rather a role for the individual that wants to be on the backend but has enough authority to interact with our followers.

Platforms that require management:

Please specify if you would like to work with a specific social media platform. This role requires around 7-8 hours per week.

Graphic Designer

The Social Media Team is seeking a volunteer Graphic Designer with a strong aesthetic sense, and familiarity with Canva and/or Adobe, to create content that engages and informs our community of followers while reinforcing the MANYC brand. You will be in communication with Channel Managers and Team Leads from across the organization to understand their needs, gather information, develop content and fine tune the work. 

This role requires a commitment of 4-5 hours per week, plus a team meeting. There is a lot of room to be creative and let your personality shine through your work.

Newsletter Team

The Mutual Aid NYC Newsletter is restarting after a long hiatus. We share stories about mutual aid work, and events, resources, and information to help New Yorkers chart their way out of crisis.

Newsletter Coordinators

The Newsletter team is looking for people with experience editing and publishing online content for diverse audiences in a collaborative team setting. You will help coordinate a team of volunteer writers, editors and visual artists to share the work of Mutual Aid NYC and our partners in a weekly Substack that connects and inspires New Yorkers in need of help and those who want to help. Work including a regular team meeting call will be 2-4 hours a week.

Newsletter Writer/Proofreaders

MANYC’s Newsletter Team collaborates on every issue. We need your help to gather and edit content from our network feeds and partners, develop and write stories about mutual aid and social justice work, and prepare the weekly newsletter for publication.

Work takes 2-4 hours a week depending on your interests and capacity. We welcome anyone with a strong grasp of writing, copy editing, layout, or online publishing to join our work!

Internal Comms Team

Internal Communications serves as the nervous system of MANYC. We make sure that everyone has the tools to work together and share what they need; in other words, we help people help people.

Internal Communications Coordinators

Working behind the scenes, our coordinators develop and adapt processes and systems to make collaboration and communication easy and accessible. We use collaboration tools like Slack, Notion, and email listservs to unify our work across MANYC — don’t worry, technical expertise is not required. If you enjoy learning and implementing digital tools, solving problems, and supporting others, we want to work with you! We are flexible with your schedule and would love about 3-4 hours of your time per week.

Housing Team

Moving Support Volunteer Coordinator

The Housing Team’s Moving Support Project is looking for volunteer coordinators! A lot of people-power is required to keep our project going, so we’re looking for coordinators who have a knack for communication and relationship building to keep everyone organized. Volunteer Coordinators will assist with outreach and on-boarding new members of our team, keeping members informed on our projects, identifying members who have interests in taking on bottom-lining roles for moves and connecting them to resources to fulfill those roles.

Volunteer Coordinators will also ensure the team follows-up with people who have previously been moved, and help get them plugged in to MANYC if they are interested. If you’re organized, have a good memory, and love to chat, this is a great role for you! Commitment: Averaging 3-5 hours per week (or more if you’d like!)

Moving Support Volunteers

The Housing Team’s Moving Support Project is looking for volunteers to join our team! Moving Support helps to secure furniture for formerly unhoused people using websites like facebook marketplace and craigslist.

We are looking for volunteers to help out on move-days, where we drive a 14-ft truck around the city picking up sourced furniture and help move it into a new or under-furnished home.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist in the furniture sourcing process, day-of-move coordinators to ensure moves progress smoothly, and volunteers with a knack for communication and relationship-building to act as liaisons between the team and the person being moved.

Handy people, volunteers with cars, and last-minute problem-solvers encouraged to apply! Commitment: Averaging 3-5 hours per week, subject to your role in a move.

Video Editor

The Housing Team’s Media Project is looking for volunteers with video editing expertise to help create housing justice related video content! We need help with editing our backlog of content for distribution, and editing upcoming video projects.

We are looking for folks with Adobe Premier experience, who are comfortable creating edits of interviews, archival footage of Housing Group Projects in action, and social media content. Basic motion graphics and/or After Effects experience is a huge plus. Folks with a cool narrative point of view and an interest in creating compelling, vibrant and truthful housing-related content would be welcome additions to our team! The time commitment for this role is approximately 2 hours per week.

Video Producer

The Housing Group Media Project is looking for volunteers with production/media experience to assist in creating housing justice related video content.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in ideating/executing video segments that place the camera directly on the currently or formerly unhoused with the goal of highlighting the injustices that exist within the housing systems of New York City. Ideally, folks interested in this role would have production experience, and feel comfortable producing videos from the planning and logistics stage through to post production. Experience with conducting interviews is a big plus!

Process oriented, logistically-minded, and self-directed folks are very much encouraged to join the team in this role. The time commitment for this role is approximately 2 hours per week.

Funding Team

The Funding Team works to develop funding solutions for MANYC, including grants and other types of institutional investment.

Funding Team Lead

The Funding team is currently inactive, so this person would be working on rebuilding the team. The team is looking for a self-starter with funding experience who has an interest in coordinating and managing funding projects.

Tech Team

Our developers and project coordinators create and support the platforms and systems that support New Yorkers in need, empower our volunteers, and tie together mutual aid organizations all over NYC.

Back-end Developers

Mutual Aid NYC is building out the ambitious open-source next generation of our current Community Resources Library, with a road map that includes multi-lingual NLP-powered search, user identity/privacy management and the goal of sharing the platform with other cities and communities around the world.

We are looking for seasoned developers comfortable working with web technologies who can regularly spare a few hours each week to work with us. Our stack includes Python and JavaScript as well as integrations with Twilio, Airtable, and WordPress, but no prior experience with these tools is required.

Project Coordinators

Project coordinators help internal and external partners scope and plan the work done by our volunteer developers.

They help gather requirements, sometimes from multiple collaborating teams, on the human needs surrounding a tech project, and they work with developers to plan and prioritize tasks and ensure that the work and the end product are in keeping with Mutual Aid NYC’s principles of accessibility, security, and transparency.

General help:

Mutual Aid NYC welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets.

These teams are no longer active or have no specific roles in need of people at the moment, but we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets, and will contact you as soon as we have capacity to respond:

Food for All Team

Language Access Team

Organizer Library / Poli Ed Team

Visual Media Team

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